Agora’s New DB5

Today, Agora Models officially released their first vehicle partwork from the new 007 collection- the No Time To Die Aston Martin DB5!

While this is a brand new model and has zero compatibility or relation to the Eaglemoss build I completed at this site, I wanted to share the information for all the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 lovers out there. If I do end up building this Agora DB5, I will use this site to do so and will archive the older Eaglemoss model information into its own section.

Check out the entire page I wrote up on this new partwork over at my main partworks site. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Agora’s New DB5”

  1. As a scale model OEM manufacturer in China, I believe Agora’s model took over the tooling from Eaglemoss, they should share the same parts.
    The cost to redevelop a new models and new set of tooling is too expensive and the market is too small for a model that on market already.

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