During the build of this Eaglemoss 1:8 scale James Bond Aston Martin DB5 partworks model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each pack. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

PackContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Radiator Grille, Aston Martin Logos, Bulletproof Screen4400
02Front Bumper and Number Plate, Driver's Seat61022
03Bonnet (Hood)11102
04Oil Cap, Cylinder Head, Fan System51602
05Tyre, Weapons Console21802
06Driver's Wing Mirror, Weapons Drawer, Roof Panel92702
07Driver's Seat Adjuster, Left Engine Block22902
08Gearbox/Sump/Engine Bracing, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Starter53446
09Exhaust Manifold, Ignition Leads, Distributor Cap, Carburettors43806
10Camshaft Covers, Crossshaft Assembly, Radiator Hose442410
11Oil Filter Assembly, Right Engine Block244515
12Pulleys, Belt, Rear Bulkhead, Screen Washer650217
13Header Tank, Left/Right Bulkheads, Right Brake Servo454219
14Left Brake Servo, Airbox, Alternator Control, Brake Fluid Reservoirs9631029
15Starter Solenoid & Ignition Coil, Blower Trunking, Tyre467231
16Left Caliper, Inner Wheel269031
17Outer Wheel Rim, Wheel Rim Ring271435
18Front Brake Disc, Spinner374136
19Right Caliper, Inner Wheel276036
20Outer Wheel Rim177036
21Wheel Rim Ring279440
22Front Brake Disc, Spinner281141
23Steering Wheel Section485243
24Dashboard, Right Air Vent Switch287043
25Dashboard Mount, Left Air Vent Assembly491144
26Right Air Vent/Cover, Lighter, Control Plate/Dials, Light Switch899145
27Glove Compartment Lid, Ignition Switch, Bonnet Release Handle5104752
28Speaker Section3107456
29Monitor Housing, Gear Lever5112359
31Handbrake, Stunt Control Box, Gear Lever Retainer3116059
32Ejector Sear Lever & Cover3119059
33Trigger Housing2121059
34Rear Seat Section, Ejector Seat Spring Section, Trigger Wire4125665
35Floor Panel11261883
36Bonnet Hinge, Support Rod Holder2128386
37Radiator, Water Tank Part4132086
38Front Bumper Base, Arm Rest and Door Handle4136086
39Left Door Panel, Window, Window Frame3139389
40Left Door Hinge, Retainer, Lock3142089
41Left Door1143594
42Telephone Compartment, Inside Handle2145094
43Right Door Panel, Arm Rest, Window Frame3148599
44Right Door Hinge, Retainer, Lock3151099
45Right Door1152099
46Inside Roof Assembly, Sun Visor2154099
47Left Sun Visor, Ejector Seat Roof Frame2156099
48Frame Section, Windshield3159099
49Rear Windshield, Rear Frame and Rubber3162099
50Right Fuel Tank, Petrol Cap, Left Petrol Cap Hinge3165099
51Left Petrol Tank, Petrol Cap, Right Petrol Cap Hinge316818117
52Main Roof Frame11690117
53Quarterlight Windows71760117
54Rear Seat and Shelf31795122
55Rear Shelf Panel Back11800122
56License Plate Retainer, Trunk Lid Handle21822124
57Trunk Lid11832126
58Rear License Plate41870126
59Bulletproof Screen Springs and Housings, Front31900126
60Bulletproof Screen Trigger, Trunk Lid Hinge219210136
61Left Rear Tire11930136
62Left Rear Wheel11940136
63Rear Axle, Rear Axle Back, Supporting Linkages62006142
64Transmission Shaft12011143
65Right Rear Tire12020143
66Right Rear Wheel12034147
67Passenger Seat Back/Body/Top/Arms52080147
68Ejector Seat Hook, Passenger Seat Adjuster/Screw Covers421211158
69Right Tail Lights, Housing and Electronics12130158
70Left Tail Lights, Housing and Electronics12140158
71Rear Wings Section12152160
72Rear Side Panels, Trunk Lid Hinge Cover, Trunk and Electronic Parts42199169
73Rear Bumper, (Front) License Plate Retainer, Left Wing Mirror322211180
74Antenna, Left Headlight and Electronics22240180
75Right Headlight and Electronics, Side Rails32270180
76Hood Support Rods/Mounts42312182
77Car Front Body123210192
78Front Suspension Springs/Shafts, Spring Retainers62388200
79Front Suspension Pins, Front Axle32412202
80Main PCB (Printed Circuit Board)12420202
81Main Body Frame12438210
82Left/Right Exhaust Pipes624912222
83Battery Box/Cover22510222
84Chassis, Stabilizer, Wire Retainers62572224
85Windscreen Wipers, Rear Suspension Springs426137261
86Car Cover02610261

17 thoughts on “THE PARTS”

      1. I am in the US, but there are probably others looking for parts on the various Facebook Partwork Marketplace/Exchange groups.

      2. Hi Steve
        I need several parts and can collect in Melbourne. do you have;
        1X ejector roof panel
        1x passenger side glass rear quarter glass and frame
        2X wiper arms
        2x front wing mirrors
        1x battery pack cover
        1x Front wheel spike cap

      3. Hi Steve
        I need several parts and can collect in Melbourne. do you have;
        1X ejector roof panel
        1x passenger side glass rear quarter glass and frame
        2X wiper arms
        2x front wing mirrors
        1x battery pack cover
        1x Front wheel spike cap

  1. Do you know where I can get #51- 86 or last issue. I have #1- #50 but now I can’t get the rest of build. Need to find somewhere to purchase 51-last issue #86 I believe.

    1. Unfortunately at this point, either the various Eaglemoss DB5 Facebook groups, or as much as it pains me to say it, eBay.

      1. Do not go near ebay….I browsed them looking for parts
        My nephew damaged my assembled car…started playing like it was a toy and broke the rear axle linkage struts I…..browsed ebay for the magazine with the appropriate
        parts….and the cheapest that was on offer was £59

  2. Stupidly I let my nephew handle my assembled model….and kids like they are…started playing with it on the floor….and somehow he broke the support struts and linkages on the rear axle assembly..he also damaged the connecting cables to there somewhere I can buy the parts without the magazine as I’ve still got my original

    1. Unfortunately, this model is no longer in production. Your best bets are the many Partwork Marketplace/Exchange groups on Facebook or sadly, eBay.

      1. Hello my name is Tracey my uncle is a James Bond fan he lives in New Zealand and is missing a few parts of the car as they know longer make it here do you know where it can find missing parts

        1. As a model that was sold by a company that went out of business, it is not going to be easy. Your best bet is the various Facebook Partwork buy/sell markets and/or eBay.

  3. I am looking for part number 062A or 066A . If they are matching parts, I only need one. Would you happen to have me of these parts. It’s the rear wheel for the db5.

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