During the build of this Eaglemoss 1:8 scale James Bond Aston Martin DB5 partwork model, you will use many different kinds of screws. The screws vary in types and sizes, but are all Phillips-head and appear to be metric. Eaglemoss chose to not label any of these screws nor indicate their sizes in the magazines. This is not very helpful, especially when they only refer to them as Type A, B, D, etc in the instructions. I highly recommend storing all of your screws in an organizer and keep all spares as the screws do not always arrive in order and are often not used in the same issue they are supplied with.

To try to help sort it all out, I wanted to share this screw inventory that Eaglemoss created for a previous release of the DB5. This list is also included in the last magazine of our build (Issue 22).

NOTE: In Pack 36, I received two (2) Type I (silver) screws as well as one (1) Type K (silver) screw. These are not listed below.

Screws – Type A to K

Screws – Type L to Z