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“The next pieces of your DB5 are the first tyre and the control unit for Q-Branch’s special features – the weapons console. Find out how they fit onto the model and learn about the real-life versions.”

This pack includes more parts which, of course, we are to simply store until later.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Tyre
  • Weapons Console

Materials: The Tyre is made of rubber and the Weapons Console is plastic.



There is nothing to do here except keep this Tyre (005-A) safe until later:

Weapons Console

Again, another part we don’t use. Just keep this Weapons Console (005-B) safe until we install it in Pack 35.

The blueprints refer to this part as the ‘Control Console’. It came pre-assembled and you can open the cover to see the switches inside. Q briefs Bond about some of the controls such as the oil slick, smokescreen, front machine guns, revolving number plate selector, and rear bulletproof screen:


Once again, a part pack with nothing to do. This is crazy, I want to build things!

Next Up

Pack 06 – Right Wing Mirror, Weapons Tray, Gun Silencer/Barrel/Stock, Gun, Knife, Grenade, Removable Roof

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