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“With this issue you have received the driver’s side wing mirror, the removable roof panel for the ejector seat and something that wasn’t seen in Goldfinger – the Q-Branch hidden weapons drawer.”

We get to assemble something in this pack! Of course, there are parts to just put aside until later issues as well, but at least we are building.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Driver’s Wing Mirror
  • Weapons Drawer
  • Roof Panel

Materials: Only the Removable Roof is metal – the rest is plastic.


Driver’s Wing Mirror

This Right Wing Mirror is not needed until *much* later in the build (Pack 77), so just keep it safe for now:

Weapons Drawer

Place the following parts into the Weapons Tray (006-B): Silencer (006-C), Gun Barrel (006-D), Gun Stock (006-E), Throwing Knife (006-F), Gun (006-G), and Grenade (006-H).

Even though this was not seen in the film, this Weapons Tray was indeed created and installed in the real DB5.

All of these parts had two or more pegs underneath that fit into matching holes in the Weapons Tray.  I had to look closely at the shaped recesses to see what went where and also paid attention to the fact that some of the pegs are larger than the others. Finally, these all required a considerable amount of force to snap fully into place. I ended up using the plastic end of a screwdriver to press them down all the way:

This tray slides under the Driver’s Seat from Pack 02 and will be installed before we mount the seat into the car in Pack 35:

Roof Panel

The Removable Roof (006-I) is not used until the very last steps of the build, so store it somewhere safe for now.

This panel will eventually cover the ejector seat, but should always be removed before triggering the seat for safety reasons:


Well, the good news is that we were able to build something in this pack. I do not understand Eaglemoss’s decision to ship so many parts in the starting packs that are not used.

Next Up

Pack 07 – Seat Adjuster, Left Engine Block

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