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“Your model replica DB5 engine continues to take shape with the gearbox section that helped the car achieve 282bhp, as well as its essential clutch slave cylinder and starter motor.”

Get ready to actually build something!



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Starter Motor
  • Engine Transmission Section
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic.


This pack comes with a bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Eight (8) Type L – These are a new type of screw


Starter Motor

Press the Starter Motor (008-E) into the Left Engine Block (from the last pack) as shown.

The instructions fail to say it, but this should be secured from the inside with one (1) Type L screw. Also, the blueprints incorrectly identify this part as the ‘Fuel Pump’. The Starter Motor has a long pin on it that did not want to fit into the matching hole very easily (circled below). I needed to use one of my build screwdrivers to gently bore out the hole a little bit (circled below). Then, it fit together just fine:

Gearbox/Sump/Engine Bracing

The Engine Bracing Piece (008-B) fits into the Gearbox/Sump Section 1 (008-A) and is secured with two (2) Type L screws:

There is a long pin on the Engine Bracing Piece that is pressed down into a hole in the gearbox part to make this fit (circled below). By the way, the blueprints disagree here, saying this large part is actually Gearbox/Sump Section 2 (008-B):

Next, clip the Gearbox/Sump Section 2 (008-B) onto the back of this assembly and secure with two (2) Type L screws.

The two long protruding posts fit into each other to line up the screw holes. Again, the blueprints disagree here, saying this large part is actually Gearbox/Sump Section 1 (008-A):

Clutch Slave Cylinder

The Clutch Slave Cylinder (008-D) simply presses into a hole (circled below) on the underside of the gearbox/sump housing:


Oh boy, a pack with lots to do! I even had to blow the dust off my screwdriver. Yes, the sarcasm is strong with this build. Typically, the engine components are metal in these models. We only used five of the eight Type L screws in this pack, but store the rest for later.

Next Up

Pack 09 – Exhaust Manifold, Ignition Leads Holder/Leads, Distributor and Leads, Carburettor Assembly

2 thoughts on “PACK 08”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing detail and effort put into making this enjoyable for us all. My Gearbox/Sump Section 1 (008-A) arrived with 1 of the 2 “L” screw posts completely missing for the Engine Bracing Piece to attach. Thankfully your picture showed it clearly so I was well informed when I called Eaglemoss.

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