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“Your replica model Aston Martin DB5 engine continues to grow with these intricate and detailed parts of the most famous car in the world!”

In this pack, we will be adding components to the Cylinder Head assembly we last worked on back in Pack 04.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Ignition Lead Holder & Leads
  • Distributor Cap & Leads
  • Carburettor Assembly

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic.


The Exhaust Manifold

After both parts of the engine block are joined, clip the Exhaust Manifold (009-A) into the left side of the engine block.

The supplied instructions make no sense here. We will not combine the engine blocks until a later pack. However, there are two pins on the underside of the Cylinder Head (circled below) where the Exhaust Manifold attaches:

Ignition Lead Holder

The Ignition Lead Holder and Leads (009-B) has pegs shaped in such a way that it only fitted into the Cylinder Head one way. Then, attach the leads as shown.

This is not true. The Ignition Lead Holder and Leads can actually fit either way as the pegs/holes are the same. The correct way is to have the hole in the end of the chrome holder tube facing to the back of the Cylinder Head (away from the Oil Cap).

I needed to use some tweezers here to get all the wires sorted (no glue required):

Distributor Cap

The Distributor Cap and Leads (009-C) has a specially shaped fitting that matches the gap at the rear of the Cylinder Head. Three of the four leads from the distributor fit into the lead holder, with the last lead plugged into the cylinder head.

UPDATE: It is not mentioned in the instructions, but I would not install the Distributor Cap and Leads at this point in the build. It covers a mounting hole that we need to install this Cylinder Head assembly to the Engine Block assembly in Pack 11. You may want to avoid that hassle and just install the Distributor Cap and Leads after we complete that pack.

This is quite tricky, but a good set of tweezers made the job easier:

Carburettor Assembly

The Carburettor Assembly (009-D) clips to the underside of the Cylinder Head. It will be further held in place by the engine block in the next issue.

This fits just like the Exhaust Manifold we added earlier. The only difference is the single peg and two L-shaped retaining ‘legs’ that slot into the underside of the Cylinder Head:


Now we are getting somewhere. The top of the engine is starting to look really good!

Next Up

Pack 10 – Camshaft Covers and Breather Cap Assemblies, Cross-Shaft Assembly, Radiator Hose

2 thoughts on “PACK 09”

  1. Again EM is light on detail and accuracy. The black part of the distributor should have 3 wires coming out. One on each little nub. The center nub wire goes to the coil, and the first nub goes to cylinder number 1. The other 5 wires get shoved into the lead holder.

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