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“This issue we complete the bulkhead section and start adding the all-important details, making your model Aston Martin DB5 the best that it can be.”

This instructions in this pack (and the next one) are going to drive you nuts, so I will do my best to explain.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Header Tank
  • Left & Right Bulkheads
  • Right Brake Servo

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic.


Header Tank

The Header Tank (013-A) has two pins on it that match these two holes in the Left Bulkhead (013-C):

This ‘Header Tank’ is really the radiator expansion tank. And, in the blueprints, it was called the ‘Power Box’. Go figure…

Fit the Header Tank to the bulkhead as shown:

Then, secure it into place with two (2) Type Q screws from underneath:

Left & Right Bulkheads

Once the parts to be placed on the bulkhead are fitted, clip the Left & Right Bulkheads to the Rear Bulkhead.

What?! These instructions are so out of order, my head is spinning. I recommend just skip this step and finish attaching the bulkhead parts in this pack AND the next pack before you clip these bulkheads together. I will return to this step at the end of Pack 14. Just keep these bulkheads nearby for now.

Right Brake Servo

Wait until you have fitted the Airbox, then attach the Right Brake Servo to the Right Bulkhead with one (1) Type Q screw.

Again, WHAT? Eaglemoss is telling us about a step now that we have to do later. We don’t even attach the Airbox until the next pack. I am just going to add this step in that article, so let’s just get away from this one and keep the Right Brake Servo nearby for now:


Eaglemoss originally released this DB5 model back in like 2011. Now, with this ‘re-release’ many years later, they created new magazines, posters, and binders, but they did not fix the numerous errors, misspellings, and inaccuracies. I have to say, I am pretty disappointed in the build documentation so far. The parts are fine, but trying to put it together can be taxing on my brain. I will do my best to help everyone else through it.

Next Up

Pack 14 – Left Brake Servo, Airbox, Airbox Hose, Air Cleaner and Cover, Alternator Control, Brake Fluid Reservoirs

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