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“With this issue you receive elements that make up the engine’s bulkhead, all helping you to build an intricate and detailed model of the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 – the most famous car in the world.”

If you did not read my previous Pack 13 article, you may see that some of those assembly steps have been moved to this pack. Eaglemoss is telling us to build things all out of order, so I am adding them to this pack where they belong.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Left Brake Servo
  • Air Cleaner and Cover, Airbox Hose, Airbox
  • Alternator Control
  • Brake Fluid Reservoirs

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic, except for the Air Cleaner which is rubber.


This pack comes with a bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Nine (9) Type Q –  We’ve seen these before
  • Three (3) Type P – These are a NEW type of screw
  • Two (2) Type L – We’ve seen this before too


Left Brake Servo

The Left Brake Servo (014-A) is attached to the Left Bulkhead (013-C) using the two holes circled below:

There is a small alignment pin that will keep this in place the correct way:

Secure with one (1) Type Q screw from underneath:


The Air Cleaner Cover (014-D) fits over the end of the Airbox Hose (014-C) with this protruding post (circled below):

Secure the Air Cleaner Cover to the Airbox Hose with one (1) Type L screw, aligning the hose as shown:

The orange Air Cleaner (014-E) has two screw holes, which align to the Air Cleaner Cover:

Align the holes of the Air Cleaner to the Air Cleaner Cover and press the parts together.

The Air Cleaner is made of rubber, so it is squishy and takes a little patience to get into place correctly:

Secure the Air Cleaner into place with two (2) Type P screws:

The free end of the Airbox Hose has a D-shaped hole (circled below) that matches the peg on the Airbox (014-B):

Align the hole to the peg, then press the Airbox Hose onto the Airbox:

The Airbox has two protruding pegs that match these holes in the Right Bulkhead:

Slide the Airbox over the tabs on the bulkhead and press the two posts into these holes, as shown:

Secure from behind with two (2) Type Q screws:

Right Brake Servo

Now that the Airbox is in place, we can complete the step we were told about in the last issue but could not do.

Retrieve the Right Brake Servo (013-D) from the previous issue and take note of its attachment point on the Right Bulkhead:

Press the peg on the servo into the smaller hole to hold it in place and help align the larger mounting hole:

Secure the servo to the Right Bulkhead with one (1) Type Q screw:

Alternator Control

The Alternator Control (014-F) fits into these two holes in the Left Bulkhead:

Press the pin into the smaller hole and align the larger mounting hole.

This Alternator Control box has to be squeezed behind the Header Box to fit flush:

Secure this from behind with one (1) Type Q screw:

Brake Fluid Reservoirs

Attach the Brake Fluid Reservoirs (014-G) to the Rear Bulkhead (from Pack 12).

The holes in the bulkhead for these reservoirs is keyed so they will only fit flush when aligned correctly:

Secure both reservoirs from behind the bulkhead with two (2) Type Q screws, as shown:

The Bulkheads

This step is mentioned in the previous pack, but it is more appropriate to do it now. Clip the Left & Right Bulkheads to the center Rear Bulkhead by aligning the tabs on the Rear Bulkhead into the slots of each side bulkhead and pressing them together. I only partially connected them as I have a feeling we will need to work on each of them separately down the line:

Finally, since this wraps up Issue 04, I set the engine inside the bay just for a fun photo:


Somehow we managed to get this issue’s four part packs together without going insane! We had to manage strange parts, steps, and disorder, but in the end everything came together alright. I hope you were able to follow along and that future issues are easier to handle. Also, save any extra screws as they may be needed in future packs.

Next Up

Pack 15 – Starter Solenoid, Ignition Coil, Blower Trunking, Tyre

14 thoughts on “PACK 14”

  1. Your comment “Secure both reservoirs from behind the bulkhead with two (2) Type G screws, as shown:”

    Did you mean type Q screws? The reason I ask is that you start his thread mentioning only Type Q, Type P and Type L screws.

  2. Thank you for these step by step build ups. I just completed the 4th issue and if I tried to follow the directions in the magazines…..who knows where I would be. Thank you again for the help.

  3. Thank you so much.
    After reading the Magazines,I really would not have attempted this build without your guidance

  4. Hey mate,
    After all these time your page is still a great help to get along through this built. Thanks for your fantastic guidance. Just started today and after a few steps I put the magazines aside and just followed your instructions. It’s really crazy how bad the descriptions in the magazines are. I’d rather stay with you. As with the Ecto before. By the way, I look forward to continuing to build the Ecto with you soon. 😀 Keep it up! Let’s see how the Aston Martin continues. I got to the 14 today.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! If Agora does release this DB5 under their 007 collection, I sure hope they redo the instructions! As for the Ecto-1, I will definitely be finishing it when available.

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