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“With this issue you add the final parts to the engine’s bulkhead, and we move on to building the front wheels of your model James Bond Aston Martin DB5.”

This entire issue (the next four packs worth) is mostly about building our first front wheel. While a second Tyre (Tire) is included with this pack you can also use the Tyre we received in Pack 05 if you want to. In this build, all four Tyres are the same.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Tyre
  • Starter Solenoid
  • Ignition Coil
  • Blower Trunking

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic other than the rubber Tyre.

Magazine – Issue 05

  • Your Car Parts: Parts Guide
  • Start The Car: Model Instructions
  • The Making of You Only Live Twice: Adapting Ian Fleming’s Least Cinema-Friendly Novel
  • Bond Actors: Donald Pleascence
  • Locations: Mountain Lair
  • The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Tackling Fleming’s Most Serious Novel



The Tyre will be installed at the end of Pack 17, so put is aside for now:

Starter Solenoid & Ignition Coil

The Starter Solenoid fits into this hole on the Rear Bulkhead (from the last pack). No screws are needed, it simply presses in:

The Ignition Coil fits to the Left Bulkhead (also from the last pack) in the location shown below. The locating pin on the Ignition Coil will fit into the smaller hole to align the part:

Secure the Ignition Coil into place from below with one (1) Type Q screw.

TIP: These Type Q screws are not supplied with this pack. Use a leftover Type Q screw from the previous pack:

Blower Trunking

Press the ‘box’ end of the Blower Trunking over this raised square section of the Rear Bulkhead.

This should align the screw hole on the ‘tubing’ end of the Blower Trunking with this matching hole in the Left Bulkhead wall. Secure this ‘tubing’ end to the Left Bulkhead with one (1) Type Q screw:

At this point (if you haven’t already), you can fully clip the Left and Right Bulkheads to the Rear Bulkhead.

There are slots on the Rear Bulkhead to align the side bulkheads to it. Then, press the tabs on either end of the Rear Bulkhead into the matching slots in the side bulkheads. This takes some force to get them to seat all the way:

Once fitted, the bulkheads should look like this:


This pack includes a Tyre, but also the instructions for installing it on the wheel we haven’t built yet. These out-of-order instruction can be confusing if you are not paying attention. I will get to that step when we finish the wheel in a few packs from now. The rest of this pack went together well and I believe this finishes off the engine bay area.

Next Up

Pack 16 – Left Caliper (Front), Inner Wheel Rim (Front)

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