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In this pack, we will be securing our recently built second wheel to the Right Caliper and adding the Brake Disc and Spinner.




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Right Front Brake Disc
  • Right Spinner

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic.



Slide the Washer over one (1) Type Z screw (both from the previous pack):

Front Brake Disc

Retrieve the Right Caliper from Pack 19 and fit the Front Brake Disc to it.

The back of the Front Brake Disc has this raised post on it:

That post fits into this hole on the Right Caliper:

Slide the Front Brake Disc inside the slot of the Right Caliper and pop the post down into the hole:

Next, slide the Type Z screw/washer assembly through the back of the Right Caliper:

Then, fit the Right Caliper assembly behind the wheel (from the last pack), aligning this square recess on the Front Brake Disc to the matching square post on the back of the wheel.

This is my photo from the first wheel, but the idea is the same:

Finally, pass the screw through the wheel and into the pre-installed nut in the Inner Wheel Rim. Tighten the screw just enough that the wheel does not wobble, but can still rotate:


The Spinner just snaps onto the center of the wheel assembly


The second wheel is complete, and so is this issue. These four packs took about five minutes to assemble.

Next Up

Pack 23 – Steering Wheel/Shaft, Steering Column, Headlamp Control

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