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“With this [pack], we complete the model DB5’s detailed steering wheel, which will be connected to the dashboard.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Upper Steering Wheel Column
  • Lower Steering Wheel Column
  • Indicator

Materials: The Steering Wheel is metal and the horn button is already installed. The rest of the parts are plastic.


This pack came with two bags of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Three (3) Type B – These are a NEW type of screw

  • Three (3) Type B – The second bag should have contained Type P screws (5mm long), but just had three more Type B (4mm long) in it. These will still work for this pack, so no need to worry.

Magazine – Issue 07

  • Your Car Parts: Parts Guide
  • Start The Car: Model Instructions
  • Stunts: A Balancing Act
  • Behind the Scenes: All-Terrain Vehicle
  • Behind the Scenes: Gymnastic Duo
  • The Making of Live and Let Die: A Voodoo Kingpin and Roger Moore’s First Appearance
  • Bond Actors: Jane Seymour


Steering Wheel Section

Step 1

Place the Upper Steering Wheel Column near the top of the Steering Wheel shaft.

The first thing we should do is unwrap the horn wire from the shaft:

Right behind the Steering Wheel on the shaft are two small tabs:

The lip of the Upper Steering Wheel Column should fit between the tabs and the wheel. Fit it to the shaft opposite the wiring. Ignore the Glue Dot farther down the shaft, I put it there to take this picture:

Step 2

Place the Indicator into the specially shaped fitting in the Upper Steering Wheel Column:

Step 3

Fit the Lower Steering Wheel Column over the Upper Steering Wheel Column and Indicator. Make sure the top of the wiring is encased, and that is trails from the end of the steering columns.

What Eaglemoss does *not* tell you is that the only way this will work is if you pass the plug end of the wire through this hole first:

Then, you can slide the Lower Steering Wheel Column up the wire to match up the pegs and holes together and press them together:

Step 4

Fix the steering column halves together with two (2) Type P screws.

They did not give us Type P screws (and I only had one spare from previous Issues), so I just used the supplied Type B screws just fine:


With this horn wire trapped inside the column like this, the steering wheel can only turn a little bit in each direction. I hope the steering rack is sensitive enough to match and actually turn the front wheels enough.

Next Up

Pack 24 – Dashboard, Right Air Vent Switch

12 thoughts on “PACK 23”

  1. Having re-checked my Issue 23 I did receive 3 type B (2 plus 1 spare) screws and 3 type P (2 plus 1 spare) screws. I did have to use magnification to determine the difference,

  2. It appears those tabs on the column are hampering the steering. When I turn mine it wants to hop over those tabs.

    1. While I think those tabs are actually to keep the steering wheel from pulling out of the column, it is the horn wires that limit how much it can turn (and that’s not a lot). Even though they connect the steering wheel to the front wheels on most of these part works, it is never really intended to drive the steering system. The models weigh too much to turn them while it sits on the ground. At best, it is to rotate the steering wheel when you turn the front wheels. I don’t ever plan on steering the front wheels via the steering wheel anyway.

  3. Yeah. I took mine apart and ground down the tabs. It appears yours were a little smaller than mine. I literally could move the steering wheel a millimeter or two. Now that I ground down the tabs, it moves a quarter turn. They used the same small button style switch for the horn as the light switch. When I put it all back the horn switch was stuck on. I ground down a bit of the silver part to get it to work.

        1. This car does not have working turn signal indicators. Only the headlights, taillights, and some interior lights work.

    1. There is not much room for passing the horn wires through the small rounded opening of the steering column. It is possible they have broken if the wheel is turned more than 1/8 in either direction.

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