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“With this [pack] you get the final parts of the dashboard for your replica Aston Martin DB5.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Glove Compartment Lid
  • Ignition Key and Ignition Switch
  • Bonnet Release Handle
  • Control Clear Plate

Materials: Everything in this pack is plastic.

Free Gift #5 – Display Base

Magazine – Issue 08

  • Your Car Parts: Parts Guide
  • Start The Car: Model Instructions
  • Bond Actors: Moore Makes an Entrance
  • Bond Actors: David Hedison
  • Production: Voodoo Victims
  • Music: Sound Quality
  • The Making of The Spy Who Loved Me: The Bond franchise hits top gear
  • Bond Actors: Barbara Bach


Glove Compartment Lid

Retrieve the Dashboard assembly from the previous pack. Fit the two posts of the Glove Compartment Lid into the matching holes of the Dashboard. Its shape fits into the recess:

Secure these together from behind with two (2) Type U screws (supplied back with Pack 25):

Ignition Key and Ignition Switch

Press the Ignition Switch through the back of the Dashboard assembly.

Note the small flat edge on the side of the Ignition Switch:

The hole for this switch has a small ledge next to it that matches the switch’s flat edge:

Press the Ignition Switch through the hole (from behind the Dashboard) so the flat edge fits flush against this ledge:

Carefully insert the Ignition Key.

Two identical Ignition Keys are supplied with the model. It appears that they have designed these keys to activate a switch that will power up the entire car (or perhaps just the motor?). Just a heads up, do not turn the keys once inserted as the switch does not rotate. Keep these keys safe until later:

Bonnet Release Handle

Press the Bonnet Release Handle into the Dashboard Mount (from Pack 25).

The pin on the Bonnet Release Handle is D-shaped and matches this hole:

Control Clear Plate

Step 1

Retrieve the Control Front Plate (instrument cluster) assembly from the previous pack.

Note how the Control Clear Plate has the gauge faces printed on it and matches the gauge holes in the cluster. There is a lot of detail here and I appreciate it, thank you Eaglemoss!

Fit the two posts of the instrument cluster through the matching holes of the Control Clear Plate, as shown:

Now the gauges look even better!

Step 2

Fit the combined instrument cluster assembly to this location on the Dashboard.

Make sure you capture the small, loose Light Switch between the cluster and the Dashboard (circled below). Once this cluster is installed, you should be able to push the Light Switch and feel it engage the electrical switch behind it:

Step 3

Secure the instrument cluster into place from behind the Dashboard with two (2) Type Q screws (from the previous pack):

Fixing Mistakes

Later on in the build (after Pack 30) I noticed that we could actual finish off the Dashboard here. The instructions are awful and do not make this very clear at all. So, I have returned to this pack to set a couple of things straight (part of my Fixing Mistakes post).

Steering Wheel

First, let’s get the Steering Wheel installed. Slot the notched section of the Steering Column down into the notch of the gauge cluster, as shown:

Secure it from behind the dashboard with two (2) of the Type B screws we received with Pack 23:

Right Air Vent

Second, we can now install the Right Air Vent assembly to the Dashboard. The first thing is to note these posts behind the gauges. The screw hole is circled in red, the peg alignment holes are marked by the yellow arrows:

Slide the Right Air Vent assembly in between the Steering Shaft and the Dashboard and fit the two pegs of the Right Air Vent assembly into the alignment holes. This should line up the screw hole as well. Be sure to take care not to pinch the brown wires (circled below):

Secure the Right Air Vent assembly into place with one (1) Type L screw we received with Pack 24:

Since I added this section after I wrote the original article, the final image does not match. However, this is what our Dashboard should look like now:


Well, the dashboard is now complete! It is not looking too bad at all. I enjoy issues where pieces from various packs come together to create a new assembly.

Next Up

Pack 28 – Speaker Grille/Cover, Speaker

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