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“With this [pack] you receive the gear lever and can complete the monitor section – one of Q’s gadgets that put 007’s Aston Martin in a league of its own.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Monitor Housing
  • Radio
  • Monitor
  • Screen Cover
  • Gear Lever

Materials: Everything is plastic in this pack.


This pack came with one bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Two (2) Type J – We’ve seen these before


Monitor Housing

Step 1

Clip the Radio to the Monitor Housing under the heating controls.

The Radio has a post and a pin that match these holes in the Monitor Housing:

Secure the Radio into place from behind with one (1) Type O screw:

Step 2

Place the Screen Cover behind the Monitor Housing with the ribbing facing outward:

The tab on the Monitor Cover should be at the bottom and sticking out of the opening:

Fit the Monitor to the back of the Monitor Housing and secure into place with two (2) Type O screws.

The Monitor is a pre-wired part with screened graphics:

One side of the Monitor has this ledge on it:

When you fit the Monitor, it will only sit flush in one orientation. Note where the ledge is in the picture below. Then secure with the two (2) Type O screws. Take note: if you tighten these screws too much, you will not be able to slide the Monitor Cover up and down:

Gear Lever

The Gear Lever is not installed in this pack:

I do like this small hinged cap on the Gear Lever that exposes the ejector seat button!


The control console is just about finished. The tricks of the spy trade are starting to appear in our model! The sliding Monitor Cover is a nice touch too. These parts will be installed in Pack 35, so keep them safe for now.

Next Up

Pack 30 – Pedals

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