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“With this [pack] you get the first pieces of one of the most memorable parts of 007’s Aston Martin DB5 – the ejector seat.”




NOTE: I did not receive part 032-B. Apparently, it was removed from the model design a few years ago and is no longer needed. I found references to this “missing” part going back as far as 2012. Sadly, it is still showing as a valid part on the car in my magazine which is copyrighted 2019. Somehow, Eaglemoss had more than seven years to update the magazine, and still decided not to.

This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Ejector Seat Lever
  • Ejector Seat Cover (032-C)

Materials: The Ejector Seat Lever is metal, but the cover is plastic.


The Parts

There are no assembly steps in this pack. We just get some more parts for use later.



Yet another pack with nothing to do. Just store the parts until next month’s Issue 10 (Pack 35).

Next Up

Pack 33 – Trigger Housing Front/Rear

5 thoughts on “PACK 32”

  1. SO glad I found your build site with the note on 32-b. I have called them telling them I was missing the parts and got all the 32 parts resent, TWICE. Even their customer service folks don’t know about this!

    1. Yea, the Customer Service people have no idea about this stuff. They work for many companies, not just Eaglemoss, so they can only do basic functions.

  2. My dad is currently building this model and came across this issue. Apparently here in 2022 they STILL haven’t updated the magazine to reflect the change.

  3. I’m building an older UK release from 2012, and it has part 32B, I’m not sure my trigger would work without that support piece.

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