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“This [pack] you receive the floor panel, allowing you to assemble the Engine & Interior section.”

This is going to be a good pack to build, so buckle up and get ready!



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Floor Panel

Materials: The Floor Panel is plastic.


This pack came with one bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Five (5) Type F – These are a NEW type of screw
  • Three (3) Type J – We’ve seen these before
  • Seven (7) Type Q – We’ve seen these before too

Magazine – Issue 10

  • Your Car Parts: Parts Guide
  • Start The Car: Model Instructions
  • Bond Actors: Michael Lonsdale
  • The Making of For Your Eyes Only: Roger Moore is Back
  • Bond Actors: Julian Glover
  • Production: Underwater Drag


Floor Panel

The Floor Panel is one large piece of plastic with a textured ‘carpet’ surface on the floor:

The Pedals

Retrieve the Pedal assembly from Pack 30. Fit the two posts of this assembly down into these two holes of the Floor Panel:

Be sure this is facing the correct way and take care not to trap the wiring in between these parts:

Secure the Pedal assembly to the Floor Panel from below with two (2) Type U screws:

Effects Box

Retrieve the Stunt Team Effects Box we received with Pack 31. Fit the Stunt Team Effects Box to the Floor Panel in this location, aligning the pin and screw post under the box to the matching holes:

Secure the Stunt Team Effects Box to the Floor Panel from below with one (1) Type L screw:

The Handbrake

Retrieve the Handbrake we received with Pack 31. Fit the Handbrake to this location on the Floor Panel, aligning the keyed post/hole:

Secure the Handbrake to the Floor Panel from below with one (1) Type Q screw:

Monitor Screen

Retrieve the Monitor Screen assembly we built back in Pack 29. Then, take note of this tall post at the front center of the Floor Panel:

Fit the forked tab at the back of the Monitor Screen assembly over this post:

The Monitor Screen assembly should sit flush against the Floor Panel, as shown:

Secure the Monitor Screen assembly to the Floor Panel with one (1) Type J screw:

Weapons/Control Console

Retrieve the Weapons/Control Console we received back with Pack 05.  Fit this console to the Floor Panel as shown, carefully aligning and pressing down the two pins and center post into the matching holes:

Secure the Weapons/Control Console to the Floor Panel from below with one (1) Type Y screw:

Gear Lever

Retrieve the Gear Lever and Gear Retainer Lever we received with Pack 29. Fit the Gear Lever into this square recess of the Floor Panel, as shown:

Underneath the Floor Panel, align the Gear Retainer Lever over the screw hole for the Gear Lever so the angled side is to the right, and insert one (1) Type J screw through the Gear Retainer Lever and Floor Panel and into the Gear Lever and tighten:

This Gear Lever is designed to be pushed down into the Floor Panel (to activate the ejector seat mechanism):

On my model, this movement was pretty stiff, so I used some 3-in-one oil around the opening. In the follow two pictures, you can see how the angled Gear Retainer Lever moves with the Gear Lever:

Gear Lever in the normal position (up).
Gear Lever in the pushed position (down).
Trigger Housing

Retrieve the Trigger Housing assembly from the previous pack. Slide the Trigger Housing assembly up through this slot in the Floor Panel from below:

The four screw holes should line up and the Trigger Housing should fit over the two alignment pins on the Floor Panel:

Secure the Trigger Housing to the bottom of the Floor Panel with four (4) Type F screws:

Once installed, the Trigger Housing should lean towards the center of the car:

Ejector Seat Trigger

Retrieve the Ejector Seat Lever and Ejector Seat Cover from Pack 32 as well as the Ejector Seat Trigger Wire from the previous pack.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning again that 032-B is no longer supplied with this build. Somewhere in the past, the model was updated and this part (and the relevant attachment posts on the Floor Panel) were removed.

Feed the shorter end of the Ejector Seat Trigger Wire (spring) through this hole of the Ejector Seat Lever, as shown:

Fit this Ejector Seat Lever assembly over this post of the Floor Panel so the post slides up through the spring:

Make sure you also insert the longer end of the spring into this hole of the Floor Panel:

Secure the Ejector Seat Lever into place with one (1) Type J screw:

Fit the Ejector Seat Cover over these two posts of the Floor Panel and secure with two (2) Type Q screws:

Driver’s Seat

Retrieve the Driver’s Seat assembly from Pack 02 as well as the Weapons Tray assembly from Pack 06. Fit the Weapons Tray assembly onto the Floor Panel.

I found it simpler to slide the Weapons Tray into the slot under the Driver’s Seat first:

Carefully place the Driver’s Seat assembly onto the Floor Panel while aligning the two screw holes underneath:

Secure the Driver’s Seat to the Floor Panel from below with two (2) Type Y screws:

Rear Seat

Retrieve the Rear Seat assembly from the previous pack. Fit the two posts on the bottom of the Rear Seat assembly to the matching holes at the back of the Floor Panel, as shown:

Secure the Rear Seat assembly to the Floor Panel from below with two (2) Type O screws:


OK, that was an awesome pack to build! Any time we have lots to do, I am happy. It is also great that we were able to bring together a bunch of loose parts and end up with a nice looking assembly. Even the instructions were not that bad this time!

Next Up

Pack 36 – Bonnet (Hood) Hinge, Support Rod Holder

6 thoughts on “PACK 35”

  1. I had to drill the hole in the seat ejector bar for the spring. The the ejector bar just moves up and down instead of rotating to release the seat. Will have to try and work on that.

      1. I never did get the ejector seat to work properly. I eventually just pulled the spring out so the seat would sit in the car correctly in the display case. I would never actually eject the seat across the room on a $1000+ model anyway.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t add carpet. Any reason why you chose not to modify black flocking, or some black felt? Just a car this expensive and high class, I assume had carpet?

    1. I did flocking back in my model railroad days and now avoid it at all costs. I was recently reminded of this when I worked on my T-800 base. If I can buy a carpet set, I will. Carpet is a nice touch, but as my DB5 is in my glass cabinet, no one would ever know it is not carpeted.

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