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“With this issue we complete the section that connects to the radiator, then move on to build the model’s stylish doors.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Front Bumper Base
  • Front Bumper Base Part
  • Arm Rest
  • Door Handle

Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


This pack came with one bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Three (3) Type A (silver) – These are a NEW type of screw
  • Five (5) Type L – We’ve seen these before
  • Three (3) Type L (silver) – These are a NEW type of screw as well
  • Two (2) Type P – We’ve seen these before too


The Parts

There are no assembly steps in this pack.



Well, there is nothing to do in this pack other than store these parts until needed. The Arm Rest and Door Handle will be used in the next pack, but the other parts will wait until Pack 78.

Next Up

Pack 39 – Left Door Panel/Window/Window Frame

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