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This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Right Door

Materials: The Right Door is metal with a pre-installed plastic handle.


This pack came with three bags of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Four (4) Type C – We’ve seen these before
  • Two (2) Type I – We’ve seen these before
  • Three (3) Type M – We’ve seen these before


Right Door

Step 1

Retrieve all of the parts from the last pack. Fit the Right Door Lock to the rear of the Right Door as shown.

This kind of snaps into place. It should be flush with the edge of the door:

Secure it down with one (1) Type I screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Retrieve the Right Window Frame from Pack 43. Fit this frame to the inside of the Right Door, aligning the three holes and posts as shown…

… and secure with three (3) Type C screws.

Do not over-tighten these as you don’t want to crack the plastic Window Frame:

Step 3

Place the rod section of the Right Door Hinge into this matching slot of the Right Door.

The ‘R’ stamped on the Right Door Hinge should be facing the bottom of the door:

Fit the Right Door Hinge Retainer in place so it holds the rod section of the Right Door Hinge in place, and secure the Right Door Hinge Retainer into place with one (1) Type M screw:

Step 4

Retrieve the Right Door Panel assembly from Pack 43. Line up the five posts on the back of the Right Door Panel and Trim to the matching pins of the Right Door and carefully press them together.

The instructions say some force and patience are required here to get these parts to fit tightly, however, mine fit together quite easily. Just like the previous door, align these posts to the matching pins of the metal door interior and just squeeze this panel home:

This is how our completed right door should look:


Like the Left Door, this door is also nice and heavy. Happily, all of these steps are actually in the magazine.

Next Up

Pack 46 – Roof Interior, Right Sun Visor

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  1. Did the window frame fit snugly to the door? I get the comment about overtightening but mine has a lot of play. I’m thinking of putting in some washers if I can fine ones small enough.

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