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“Add an important detail to your model with selected parts for the fuel tank assemblies that fit into the sides of your Aston Martin DB5’s rear wings.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Right Fuel Tank
  • Right Petrol Cap
  • Left Petrol Cap Cover Hinge

Materials: Only the Right Petrol Cap is metal, the rest is plastic.


The Parts

There are no assembly steps in this pack.



Yet another pack with nothing to do but store some more parts until later? C’mon Eaglemoss! As with the the previous three packs, keep these parts in a safe place. These will be installed in Pack 52.

Next Up

Pack 51 – Left Fuel Tank/Gas Cap, Right Gas Cap Hinge

One thought on “PACK 50”

  1. Odd we get 2 pieces for right side assembly and 1 piece for the left side assembly. I see no way that this can get confusing when we get the other set….

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