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“This issue you can assemble the back of the rear seat and the rear shelf. These will later be attached to the rest of the rear seat bench, which was supplied with [Pack 34].”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Rear Shelf Panel Back

Materials: The only part in this pack, the Rear Shelf Panel Back, is metal.


This pack came with one bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Three (3) Type C – We’ve seen these before

Magazine – Issue 15

  • Your Car Parts: Parts Guide
  • Start The Car: Model Instructions
  • The Making of Tomorrow Never Dies: A Better Tomorrow
  • Bond Actors: Teri Hatcher
  • Bond Actors: Jonathan Pryce
  • Production: Flying a Bike
  • The Making of The World is Not Enough: Bond’s Emotional Match

Collector’s Binder

The second of the two Collector’s Binders arrived with this Issue 15 shipment. The first binder was free and included as a gift, however, Eaglemoss sent me this one automatically and charged me $7.99 for it.


Rear Seat and Shelf

Step 1

Retrieve your Rear Shelf Panel from the previous pack. Align these three posts of the Rear Shelf Panel to the Rear Shelf Panel Back:

Secure these parts together from below with three (3) Type L screws.

Step 2

Retrieve your Rear Seat Back from the previous pack. Fit the two posts of the Rear Seat Back into the matching holes at the front angled panel of the Rear Shelf Panel Back, as shown:

Secure these parts together from below with two (2) Type H screws:


This was another one of those quick and simple packs to assemble. Put this rear seat assembly somewhere safe for now as it will not be needed again until Pack 72.

Next Up

Pack 56 – License Plate Retainer (Rear), Trunk Lid Handle

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