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“This issue you receive some important components for the DB5’s bulletproof screen.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Bulletproof Screen Housing Front
  • Bulletproof Screen Springs and Housings

Materials: The springs themselves are metal, but the other parts are plastic.


This pack came with one bag of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Five (5) Type L – We’ve seen this type before

Magazine – Issue 16

NOTE: For whatever reason, the Table of Contents at the front of this magazine is not accurate at all. The real contents of the articles are:

  • Your Car Parts: Parts Guide
  • Start The Car: Model Instructions
  • Bond Actors: Denise Richards
  • Bond Actors: Robbie Coltrane
  • Scene: Going Down with the Ship
  • Production: Flammable Cargo
  • Bond Actors: Sophie Marceau
  • The Making of Die Another Day: Hi-Tech Adventure


Bulletproof Screen Housing Front

Step 1

Fit the square bases of the two Bulletproof Screen Spring and Housings into these matching slots of the Bulletproof Screen Front so the springs fit into the channels, as shown:


One step and we are done with this pack! We will finish up this bulletproof screen housing and install it into the trunk in the next pack, so keep this assembly (and the Type L screws) nearby.

Next Up

Pack 60 – Bulletproof Screen Trigger, Trunk Lid Hinge

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