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“You are now ready to fit the last tire to the right rear wheel, which is also included with this issue. Once this is done, you can attach both wheels to the rear axle.




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Right Rear Wheel

Materials: This Right Rear Wheel is a pre-assembled combination of plastic and metal.


Right Rear Wheel

Retrieve the Tire from the previous pack and push it over the Right Rear Wheel. The tire is pretty soft rubber, so just work it over the entire wheel assembly until the ‘beads’ of the tire are seated as shown.

Unlike the front wheels, this wheel arrived fully assembled. I recommend pushing the wheel assembly through the tire with the outside of the wheel first. The process of inserting it can scuff the tire’s sidewall possibly leaving marks that you probably don’t want visible:

Once the tire is installed, you can make sure the tire slashers can be extended and retracted. To extend these, just slide your fingernail under the tip of any of the three tips of the spinner and pull it out:

Fitting the Rear Wheels

Retrieve your Rear Axle assembly from Pack 64. Take note of these two different size pins on the right end of the Rear Axle:

These pins match these two different sized holes in this Right Rear Wheel assembly:

Fit the two Rear Axle pins into the matching holes of the Right Rear Wheel so it sits flush against the axle flange:

Secure the Right Rear Wheel to the Rear Axle with two (2) Type P screws.

I needed to use the thinnest screwdriver I had here. There is not a lot of room to tighten these screws:

Retrieve your Left Rear Wheel assembly from Pack 62 and repeat the previous steps to install it to the other end of the Rear Axle with another two (2) Type P screws:

These screws are even harder than the right side as now that tire is blocking access to them. I ended up using a tiny jeweler’s screwdriver to get these tightened all the way:


Well, now we have the rear axle and wheels built! I have no idea when we will install them to the chassis, so keep this assembly safe for now.

Next Up

Pack 67 – Passenger Seat Back/Body/Top/Arms

6 thoughts on “PACK 66”

  1. I hope everyone else didn’t have problems with this part. The packing came off the shaft during shipping, and the shaft was bent, so the tire slasher won’t come out or allow me to install the tire on the axle. I contacted them, but I haven’t received the replacement part yet.

    1. Had the same problem-the shaft was bent on the left wheel but also 2 fins were broken on each tyre slasher. Managed to straighten out the bent shaft but had to carefully superglue back on the broken fins. These parts in particular appear to be very fragile and the supplier could have done a better job packaging them.

  2. This assembly step took a lot longer than I wanted. First the shaft on the right rear wheel was bent, so they sent me a replacement. Then when I went to mount the right tire on the rear axle, the screws were too big. I had to use the type p screws that came with the left tire, then use one of the spare screws from a previous assembly.

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