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“This [pack] you fix the ejector seat hook to the underside of the passenger seat, then finish assembling the rest of the seat. It should only be fitted to the car later on in the building process.




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Passenger Seat Adjuster
  • Passenger Seat Screw Covers
  • Ejector Seat Hook

Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


Passenger Seat

Step 1

Retrieve all of the seat parts from the previous pack. Fit the post of the Passenger Seat Adjuster to this location on the Passenger Seat Left Arm, as shown:

Secure these together from the other side with one (1) Type O screw:

Step 2

Fit this Passenger Seat Left Arm to the left side of the Passenger Seat Back, as shown:

Secure these parts together from the other side with one (1) Type Q screw:

Step 3

Fit the rounded post end of the Passenger Seat Left Arm to the Passenger Seat Body as shown.

In order to get these screw holes to align, I needed to skip down and complete the first part of Step 5 and snap the back and body together:

Secure these parts together from the other side with one (1) Type Q screw:

Step 4

Fit the Passenger Seat Right Arm to the Passenger Seat Body, as shown:

Secure these parts together from the other side with one (1) Type Q screw:

Step 5

Snap the Passenger Seat Back into the Passenger Seat Body, then secure them together with two (2) Type O screws, as shown:

Cover the screw holes with the two Passenger Seat Covers.

The Passenger Seat Covers have pre-installed adhesive on them. We need to remove the white backing paper first. Also, take note of these tiny tabs on each one:

These tabs match into these notches on the Passenger Seat Back:

By aligning the tabs to the notches, these sat perfectly flush:

Step 6

Fit the Ejector Seat Hook to the underside of the Passenger Seat Top as shown, and secure it in place with two (2) Type Y screws:

Step 7

Fit the Passenger Seat Top to the Passenger Seat Body, feeding the Ejector Seat Hook down through the bottom opening, as shown.

The Passenger Seat Top needed to be pushed towards the back of the seat, then down, to fit correctly:

Secure these parts together using three (3) Type Y screws:


We went from doing nothing in the last pack to completing a whole bunch of steps in this one to build a seat! I really hope this ejector seat mechanism works correctly. I have heard from many builders that it is temperamental or does not work at all. We shall see… Store this seat assembly somewhere safe as we will not need until a later pack.

Next Up

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