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“You can now assemble the trunk, rear wings and bumper. You will then be able to attach this section of your model car to the roof.




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Rear Bumper
  • (Front) License Plate Retainer
  • Left Wing Mirror

Materials: All of these parts are plastic, but there are some metal pieces inside the bumper ramrod mechanisms.


This pack comes with two bags of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Three (3) Type P – We’ve seen these before in black, but these are silver
  • Four (4) Type U – We’ve seen these before in black, but these are silver


Attaching the Rear Wings to the Roof

Step 1

Retrieve your Rear Wings Section from the previous pack. Fit the two ram pins of the Rear Bumper through the matching holes of the Rear Wings Section, as shown.

You will also need to align the other three posts at the same time. I actually had to flex the bumper a bit to get them all to line up:

Once these posts were all started into the bumper holes, it still took a bit of pressure and wiggling to get the bumper to seat in all the way. Take your time and be slow and easy here:

Secure the Rear Bumper to the Rear Wings Section from the inside with three (3) Type U silver screws:

The ram rods can be extended and retracted as desired. One of mine was bent a little and needed a slight tweak to get it working again:

Step 2

Retrieve your Roof section from Pack 54. Lift the Trunk slightly, then slide the rear edge of the Roof assembly underneath:

There are three posts on each side of the Roof that fit down into matching holes on top of the Rear Wings Section. When they are all aligned and seated, there should be no gap between the Roof and Rear Wings Section:

Secure the Rear Wings Section to the Roof with six (6) Type A screws.

First I did the rearmost four screws, two on each side. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Then, I added the remaining front two screws:

This is what we should have built so far, looking great!

Step 3

Retrieve both of your Rear Side Panels from the previous pack. Fit the two locating holes of the Rear Side Panel Right to these locating pins on the underside of the Roof below the quarterlight window, as shown.

While this is being installed, we have to push the end of the square ‘post’ down into the matching slot in the roof liner (see arrow below). Also, do not trap the seat belt behind the panel:

Only then can we get the two tabs with the alignment holes to fit flush over these pegs:

Secure the Rear Side Panel Right to the Roof with one (1) Type A screw:

Repeat this step using the Rear Side Panel Left on the opposite side of the Roof using one (1) more Type A screw.

This side requires the same process as before:


We have a nice big chunk of our body now assembled and things are coming along quite nicely! We will not need this body assembly for a while, so be sure to store is someplace very safe as it has some delicate bits. We only used the Rear Bumper from the parts in this pack, so keep the other parts safe until we use them in Pack 77.

Next Up

Pack 74 – Antenna, Left Headlight and Electronics

4 thoughts on “PACK 73”

    1. From what I can tell in all of the instructions, they don’t end up getting attached to anything.

      The real DB5 from the film did not have them, so I might just take them out completely.

    1. Scott I had the same problem. I kept going back to it and thought that can’t be right. At first i thought the screw had been tightened to the maximum on the trunk hinge as i could not get another turn on the screw. I was wrong. I slackened the screw and then tightened it again and the gap was slightly less. I then took the screw completely out and lubricated it again with 3 in 1 oil. I then slackened it and tightened it up a few more times and the gap eventually completely closed and the hinge now buts up to the frame with no gap at all. Hope this helps.

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