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“The parts of the front suspension you receive in this issue will fit between the wheels and the frame, which you will get in Issue 21. In the meantime, you can continue to build the front of the car.”




This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Front Suspension Springs
  • Front Suspension Shafts
  • Left Spring Retainer
  • Right Spring Retainer

Materials: The Suspension Springs and Shafts are metal and the Retainers are plastic.


The Parts

The parts supplied with this pack are not to be used just yet. Put them somewhere safe until we need them in a later pack:

The Front Body

While we won’t use these new parts right now, we are going to gather a few other parts and complete the front body of our DB5:

  • Radiator Grille from Pack 01 (optional)
  • Radiator and Bonnet (Hood) assemblies from Pack 37
  • Front Bumper Base and Front Bumper Base Part from Pack 38
  • Car Front Body and Front Bumper assemblies from previous pack (Pack 77)

Step 1

Fit the Bonnet (Hood) assembly down into its matching opening in the Car Front Body, as shown:

We are going to be turning this assembly over quite a bit, so I recommend temporarily taping the hood down:

Step 2

Turn the Car Front Body assembly over. Fit the Front Bumper Base Part over the hinge bar of the hood, capturing it, and secure it to the Car Front Body with two (2) Type C screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

This Front Bumper Base Part has two circular recesses in it. This is for these matching posts of the Front Bumper Base: They will fit together like this:

Step 3

Now, we can fit the Front Bumper Base assembly into the underside of the Car Front Body, aligning the two large circular posts to the matching posts of the Car Front Body (circled below). The Front Bumper mounting holes (arrows below) should also be aligned, as shown:

Secure the corners of the Front Bumper Base assembly to the Car Front Body with two (2) Type A screws.

Strangely, the magazine instructions are correct about these screws and the PDFs are wrong. Put these screws here, as shown:

Step 4

Fit the two raised circular recesses of the Radiator assembly onto the matching posts of the Front Bumper Base Part, as shown:

Secure the Radiator assembly into place with two (2) Type L screws:

Step 5

Fit the ramrod pins of the Front Bumper assembly through the large holes of the  Front Bumper Base, while at the same time guiding these two posts of the Front Bumper into the matching holes, as shown.

You may have to flex the bumper a little to get these posts to align to the holes:

Once the Front Bumper is flush in place…

… secure it into place from inside with two (2) Type L screws:

Step 6

While not specifically called out in the magazine, we can optionally install the Radiator Grille from Pack 01 (if you want to). Simply press its three pegs it into the matching holes/post at the front of the Car Front Body:

Look at this thing, fantastic!

You can now open the hood and rotate the Hood Support Rods up to fit into the matching ridges on the underside of the hood to support it:


Another amazing pack to assemble! Our supply of stored parts has drastically shrunk over the last two packs and we have built up this great looking front end of our Aston Martin DB5! We didn’t touch them at all, but keep the suspension parts we received with this pack safe as we will need them soon.

Next Up

Pack 79 – Front Suspension Pins, Front Axle

8 thoughts on “PACK 78”

  1. Hi MarvelPhx,

    Thanks for your clear website. This makes the building real fun. I have now catched up with your build instructions. Looking forward to the remaining issues.

  2. Hi, your help is great. Without your explanations it would be difficult to follow the instructions. When you think you can load the remaining numbers. I’m trying to figure out the best way where to pass the electric cables (in the instructions there is no reference, it only understands that they must be passed under the body. very fine you risk ruining them)

    1. You are very welcome! I am actually working on writing up packs 79-82 right now, so they should be up in the next few days.

  3. I cannot for the life of me get the bumper to stay on. The L screws don’t seem to be long enough. Any ideas of why it isn’t connecting? Thanks!

    1. Make sure the posts of the bumper are fully seated, I do not remember having a problem with the L screws here.

    1. I had a TON of problems getting the grill to seat properly. It wasn’t curved enough to fit into the recessed area, and I was deathly afraid of snapping it in two! I DID break the posts off the back, but that helped it fit in, finally! I must add my heartfelt thanks for this awesome assenbly guide! I was absolutely stuck at putting the steering column onto the dashboard until I found this! Thank you SO MUCH!

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