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“Start by partially assembling the exhaust pipes, then carry on adding pieces to the main frame of the car. You can then fit the engine, the bulkhead and the main PCB.”

This is going to be another nice, big issue where we add a lot of pieces to our DB5.



This image includes the parts for the entire issue. However, the parts included with this pack are:

  • Left Exhaust Pipe Top Piece
  • Right Exhaust Pipe Top Piece
  • Left Exhaust Pipe Bottom Piece
  • Right Exhaust Pipe Bottom Piece
  • Left Exhaust Pipe
  • Right Exhaust Pipe

Materials: Everything supplied in this pack is plastic.


This pack comes with three bags of unlabeled screws containing the following type(s):

  • Four (4) Type L (black) – We have seen these before
  • Five (5) Type L (silver) – We have seen these before too
  • Nine (9) Type Q – We have seen these before as well


The Exhaust Pipes

Fit the Left Exhaust Pipe Top Piece (marked ‘L’ inside) to the Left Exhaust Pipe Bottom Piece (also marked ‘L’ inside), aligning the posts and screw holes, as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) Type L black screws:

In the same way, fit the Right Exhaust Pipe Top Piece (marked ‘R’ inside) to the Right Exhaust Pipe Bottom Piece (also marked ‘R’ inside), align the posts and screw holes, and secure these parts together with two (2) Type L black screws.

Note the difference in the distance between the mounting posts on the left and right exhausts:

The Engine and Interior

We are going to need the following previously built parts to complete this pack:

  • The Main Body Frame assembly from the previous pack
  • Engine assembly from Pack 12
  • Bulkhead assembly from Pack 15
  • Main PCB from Pack 80

Step 1
  • Remove and save this Type Q screw holding the Blower Trunking to the Left Bulkhead
  • Separate the three bulkhead sections by pulling the rear tabs free from each side bulkhead
  • Fit the Left Bulkhead down into the Main Body Frame 
  • Secure the Left Bulkhead to the Main Body Frame with two (2) Type C screws
  • Fit the Right Bulkhead down into the Main Body Frame 
  • Secure the Right Bulkhead to the Main Body Frame with two (2) Type C screws

I tried Eaglemoss’ way of installing the Bulkhead assembly (as three separate pieces), but I found it easier to just install it as one complete piece:

The completed Bulkhead assembly has four alignment holes and two rear locating pins that match up to the four locating pins and two alignment holes seen here:

Carefully slide the Bulkhead assembly down into the engine bay of the Main Body Frame, matching the pins and holes. You will likely have to squeeze it here and there to get it to sit down correctly. Here, you can see the front alignment holes sitting onto the locating pins:

And, these are the middle alignment holes sitting onto the matching locating pins:

The rear locating pins fit down into the matching alignment holes at the rear of the engine bay. They are not visible here, but I have circled where they are if you could see them:

Finally, I think these two pegs of the Main Body Frame (that the Speaker is mounted on) are supposed to fit through these two holes in the rear Bulkhead. However, no matter how hard I pressed down on the Bulkhead, these would not line up. I ended up leaving them as-is, and it should not have any effect on the rest of the build:

Secure the middle of the Bulkhead assembly to the Main Body Frame with two (2) Type C screws. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Secure the sides of the Bulkhead assembly to the Main Body Frame with two (2) more Type C screws, as shown:

Step 3

Since the instructions barely cover the wiring, I want to take a moment to secure our current wiring into place before we attach the Engine assembly.

Turn your Main Body Frame over and route the pedal switch wiring towards the center of the car. If you missed it in the previous pack, I had installed a piece of black electrical tape to insulate this wiring from the metal firewall. Here, I lifted the tape to move the wires, then re-taped it down:

Next, I took all of the wires coming through the center console and electrical taped them against the side of the Floor Panel (arrow in the image below). I also ran the wires under the metal crossbar (circled here). The white plugs will slide under the crossbar much easier if you press down a little on the Floor Panel to make the gap wider:

The wiring routes along the floor between these two sets of pegs  (circled below). I added a piece of electrical tape to hold it in place for now (arrow). This should keep the wiring out of the way so we can move on to installing the engine:

Step 4

Slide the Engine assembly into the engine bay from the front as shown. The rear Gearbox mounting hole will rest under the center frame crossbar and the front ‘oil pan’ mounting hole will rest on the main engine crossbar:

As you slide the Engine into place, be sure this hose from the rear Bulkhead is accessible from above:

Step 5

While holding the Engine assembly in place, secure the front engine mounting point from below with one (1) Type L black screw:

Secure the rear gearbox mounting point from below with one (1) Type C screw:

With the Engine assembly now secured, we can attach this Bulkhead hose to the Cross-Shaft Assembly, as shown.

I cut off about 1/4″ off the end of this hose to make it fit a little better:

Step 6

Secure the Main PBC to the rear Main Body Frame crossbar using two (2) Type V screws, with the wires away from the car and forward, as shown below.

Since there are more wires to secure in the next packs, I did not connect any of these wires yet:


While we built some of the exhaust system, we do not install it until the next (final) issue. The rest of this pack was about installing the engine and bulkheads, and getting started on the wiring. We only have a little more to go, so keep all of these parts safe until then!

Next Up

Pack 83 – Battery Box and Electronic Connection, Battery Cover

14 thoughts on “PACK 82”

  1. Excellent videos Thanks a lot for the effort as if it were not for you following the original instructions would have been a nightmare

  2. So the engine assembly from Pack 12 does not show the transmission installed. Here it shows the engine with the transmission installed. When and how did that happen? That’s been one of my questions from early on, loks like the magazine left out a step. And now to attach it, it appears I have to disassemble much of the engine build as shown in #12.

  3. Ah, thank you. Somehow I missed these updates. All caught up now after a little rework (not the first time on this build, unfortunately!).

    1. It could have been that, like me, you were past that part of the build when we realized they needed to be attached. I went back and updated those early packs to save the next builders the headaches.

  4. Your instruction has not only made this build possible also easy to follow and enjoyable. Thank you for you time! Have you received your final pack yet?

    1. Thank you for the warm feedback, that is why I do these sites! As for the last shipment, it should be on it’s way as of yesterday. I should have it online in the next week or so.

  5. I also could not get the bulkhead assembly to align with the speaker mounting pins. This put a bend in the back of the bulkhead that I didn’t like. I used a Dremel with a small burr to slightly elongate the holes so the back of the bulkhead could snap into place.

  6. There is no way I would have got through this build without you! I wish I had found you site earlier as they instructions included are crap. Thank you a million!

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