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With the DB5 now complete, this last pack contains a nice cloth car cover to keep our model safe during storage.




  • Cloth Car Cover

Materials: This Cloth Car Cover is well… cloth.


The Cloth Car Cover

Our final pack of the DB5 contains this beautiful black Cloth Car Cover. It has grey piping along the upper edges and is silk-screened with a white Aston Martin logo. While I will display my DB5 in a glass cabinet, this is great for others to keep their model safe from dust and debris.


This is the very last pack of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale James Bond Aston Martin DB5 build! It all ends with this nice cover for the model.

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Final Thoughts

4 thoughts on “PACK 86”

  1. Thanks so much Todd. I have been referring to the World of Wayne you tube clips, but as he has made very clear this is based on the hard work you have done and I have been using you as a cross check and reference source. Go well ! Paul ps just signed up for eaglemoss green mustang – so hopefully you will pick that one up also!

    1. You are very welcome Paul! I am not sure I want to do the new Mustang yet – the only thing I am interested in is the Bullitt conversion at the end.

  2. I’m working on this build now and it’s going well with your clear instructions. I plan to do Eleanor next. Do you have any plans to do this type of site for that build or are you even going to build Eleanor?

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