Fixing Mistakes

As I have mentioned a few times throughout this Eaglemoss 1:8 scale James Bond Aston Martin DB5 partwork build-up, the printed instructions in the magazines are a mess. They jump all over and skip steps, or simply refer to parts you haven’t received yet. Now that we are built through Pack 30, I wanted to go back and attempt to fix a couple of missing steps I have noticed so far. I have also updated each individual pack page to include more details, but here is the overview:

Pack 25

The Left Air Vent assembly can be attached to the Dashboard in this pack:

Pack 27

We can actually install the Steering Wheel assembly and Right Air Vent in this pack:


5 thoughts on “Fixing Mistakes”

  1. Thanks for your help thus far. I see that I am missing part 34B. I see you did not picture it either (only 34A and 34C). Then, with the floor pan, when building the ejector levers, I see that there is NO bolt stantions to bolt 34B onto the floor plan, like the way the instructions show. Comparing the bottom of the floor pan to the pictures, I notice quite a few differences (i.e. missing stantions). It also took me quite awhile to figure out all the screws this time. Thanks for the screw guide. The total length of the screw is the length of the threads only, not the head of the screw. Lastly, When I went to attach the new hood parts to the hood, I found that the screws to do that won’t come till much later. Thanks again to the screw guide that told me when to expect screws, (I and K).

    1. I just posted up Packs 35-38 and you will see what I found out about those I and K screws. Even the screw guide (which is from Eaglemoss) is not perfect.

  2. A lot of work went into this site…well done and like a great movie, I can’t wait to see how it comes out…We seem to be at the same point in the build…..

    Keep up the amazing work

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