Halfway There!

With Pack 43 completed, we are now exactly halfway through the build of this Eaglemoss 1:8 scale James Bond Aston Martin DB5. We have made good progress considering we only started about 11 months ago. There have been delays, missing parts, and a serious lack of clear of instructions, but look at everything we have accomplished nonetheless!

I pulled all of my DB5 parts out of storage to take this picture of the various bits we have collected so far. It looks like a jumbled mess, HA! With my other partwork builds, I do not seem to have so many loose parts. This build just feels disjointed; it is really strange that the order of the parts we receive is not more linear. I think they could have done a better job with it, but I am still enjoying the process and I look forward to completing it. Thanks to all my visitors for joining me!

6 thoughts on “Halfway There!”

    1. They usually ship the binders automatically. Since this build only needs two binders, I expect the second one any time now. The second one we have to pay for.

  1. they had this one out before others i think they’ve learned that its better then having it all in parts like this vs the delorean and the ecto 1

    1. Yeah, this DB5 came out in like 2011 so perhaps it was their first try. Still, with new magazines printed in 2019, they could have improved the instructions.

  2. I know I’m getting ahead, but do you know which pack contains the pc board where all the wires plug into? Reason being, I want order it as soon as I can now as a way to test all the electronics before installation, (I’ve run into issues with the DeLorean build that I’d rather not go through with the DB5.

    I hope this makes sense..


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