Packs 27-30 Delayed

What do you know, another of my part works is delayed again! Packs 27-30 are out of stock with no ETA. Eaglemoss must have had a really rough holiday season as most of my builds are on hold. I hope we can get back to building this soon!

UPDATE Jan 17, 2020: I spoke to Eaglemoss today and these are expected to ship out next Tuesday, the 21st.

UPDATE Jan 29, 2020: Today, I received a shipping confirmation for packs 27-30 as well as the Display Base. I wonder if the display base was holding these issues up…

UPDATE Feb 7, 2020: Packs 27-30 arrived today with the Display Base.

2 thoughts on “Packs 27-30 Delayed”

  1. Thanks for this site to help fellow muddlers, er… modelers along the path. I also got two shipments at beginning of December and have been wondering where the next one was. Will patiently wait by the door for Shipment 27-30. I am building a Pocher Rolls Royce at the same time and it is way more complicated and harder to assemble. I have more time in one wire wheel assembly that all 26 parts of the JB Aston Martin.

  2. I get packs every two week, I have not got any in 4 week, I call Eaglemoss each week I think they got tired of me. They send me 8 packs. Pack 27 is out of stock, because try Skip my pack 27 Eaglemoss send me pack 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 and base. I call then they said 27 out of stock
    And they will send 27 with my next order, in two weeks if in stock. If you call then they will skip the out of stock and send the other ones, Now you can 8 packs a month if you call then. 2 order every 2 weeks, That’s the only way to catch up. This USA I do not know about other countries

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